big king

small weird restaurant at 3 luongo square in providence rhode island

What's up with the name?

My grandmother's name was Big King Lee Mark. When I got C's in school and had to get the test signed, I would have her sign it instead of my dad so that I wouldn't get yelled at. The teachers never believed me. -James 

P.S No I'm not Hawaiian but I sure love that shaka emoji.

What kind of food do you cook?

Fish, vegetables, and meat sourced from people we know in Rhode Island, either served raw, grilled over charcoal, or fried in small batches. We also serve rice, which is definitely not grown in Rhode Island, but whatever. And citrus, which we are working on with our farmer friends to grow one day, but it'll probably take a couple years.

What kind of drinks do you serve?

Lots of sake, one light beer, whiskey highballs, and sochu sours. No wine (go to north for that, Rachel has put together a killer list). A couple of expensive Japanese whiskey's for when you are feeling like balling a bit. But really its all about sake. 

How come you don't have a full bar? Can I get a vodka soda? Or a gin and tonic?

Because I would love for you to drink sake with us. Barring that, one of the few cocktails we do. One doesn't walk into a taco shop and ask for Quenelles Lyonnaise. Samesies. 

How do I make a reservation? 

We are working with tock to automate reservations. There will be a link up soon. I can't afford to pay someone to answer the phone all day at a 20 seat restaurant, and have you seen how much a landline costs these days?

What's up with the deposit for reservations?

No shows are the f@*king pits. This way, at least we get something to cover the cost of them. We only have twenty one seats, we need everyone to show up. 

What is your corkage?

We don't allow guests to bring their own wine etc. Drink some sake. It is delicious, we promise.

Can you accommodate my allergy/dietary restriction?

We'll try our damnedest. Please let us know with as much heads up as possible. If it is a severe allergy, we have a very small kitchen and we process all sort of allergens. You may be better served eating somewhere else. 

So this is a Japanese restaurant? Like a Izakaya?

Is north a Chinese restaurant? No. And yes. It is not traditional, but maybe it's spiritual. Samesies. 

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes, most nights. But we are super small and can fill up fast. If there is no room when you arrive, we can put you on a wait list and take a cell number. Get a drink at the Avery across the street, or down the block at E&O. We call as soon as we have something ready. No promises, no demands. Love is a battlefield.