big king

small weird restaurant at 3 luongo square in providence rhode island


we handwrite our menus everyday, using produce, fish, shellfish, and poultry that comes from people that we know.

we always offer two set menus, one of four dishes and the other of six. set menus are not tasting menus - while they aren't designed to be shared, they can be. set menus are $40 & $55, respectively.

these menus can be tailored to almost any dietary/allergy need. vegans/vegetarians/gluten free are almost never an issue. we appreciate a heads up though if you can. 

we also offer a a la carte menu of seven to ten dishes, which can be used to supplement a set menu, strung together as a full meal, or just as a couple of dishes to eat while you drink sake. a la carte dishes are $6 to $18. 

depending on who is writing it, some menus are easier to read than others. we're working on our penmanship, promise.